Why PVI Photo Booth?

WHY NOT?! We offer a unique, fun, and interactive experience for events. Our photo booth system takes a series of six images to create a gif animated file that keeps the laughter rolling at any event.

This booth requires very little space & with it's sleek, compact styling it also allows for outdoor events (weather permitting).

Do You Offer Still Photos?

The beauty of this type of booth is the animated gif  images that it creates. This provides a more interactive & memorable experience for your guests! So, no 🙂

 Do You Offer Props/Backgrounds?

We have a fun selection of props available for a nominal fee! We do not list backgrounds as an option because we believe part of the experience is capturing the "real life" backdrop that is taking place! With that being said, we can provide a background for your event if wanted!

Can Video Messages Be Created with This Booth?

While separate videos are not an option with this booth we truly believe that the animated gif images created & the ability to share them instantly on social media is far more memorable!

So You're Wondering "What's in it For Me"?

All images will be uploaded to a personalized gallery page but the greatest feature of this booth is that you are able to then view/download/share/save any image that you want! In addition, 24 hours after the event the gallery link will be emailed to you!